December 11, 2007

6:30 P.M.

Fairborn Senior Center

325 N. Third Street

Fairborn, Ohio


Members Only


Unfortunately, it is that time of year.  Meetings will be canceled if Fairborn schools are closed.



Holiday Carry-in for Members Only

oH            Well, we have a busy program for everyone in December. We are going to do a few things we have done in the past and something new! We will have a box as you come into the big meeting room for mittens and hats. We will donate them to those who are in need.

We will also have an optional fabric exchange! Please no Christmas fabric! When you are out shopping and can’t stand it anymore, go to your favorite quilt store and take a deep breath and relax. You need to buy one yard of fabric for the exchange. As long as your gift bag has one yard of fabric in it, you can buy two pieces in 1/2 yard increments or one whole yard or three pieces of 1/3 yard fabrics. So have some fun with this and remember when everything else is stressing you out, go shopping for fabric!!!

We are also going to have a speaker from Indiana, Ann Calland. Some of you know her and some have heard her speak. She is the curator of the Marie Webster home and Headquarters for the Quilters’ Hall of Fame. She will do a combination lecture and trunk show. She wants to tell us a little about the Hall of Fame and then bring out her brother’s quilt tops. The trunk show is called “Fred Calland Quilt Designs: Quilting from a Man’s Point of View”.

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your dish for potluck! Each member is requested to bring a covered dish, a serving utensil and a drink of their choice. The guild will furnish tableware (paper plates and plastic utensils). We will start eating at 6:30 p.m. See you there for fun and friendship.

Susan Hill

Vice President



A Note from the President

My special thanks this month goes to Susan Hill who has done a superb job as Vice President.  Susan has provided us with interesting programs and challenging workshops. The fruits of her labors will continue through much of next year giving Shari Brindley a great head start as she takes on the position of Vice President.

We had a very successful class with Shirley Stutz. We can all look forward to seeing lots of wonderful fans and ferns from the machine quilters in the guild.

On December 7, I’m going to be demonstrating the construction of Ricky Tims’ convergence quilts at Appalachian Quilts, the new shop in Enon. Appalachian Quilts has a supply of Ricky’s book on Convergence Quilts, as well as his newest book on Rhapsody Quilts. I have so much fun doing the convergence quilts; my next one will be 51. If you are interested, call Appalachian Quilts for details: 937-863-0070. I’ll do the same presentation twice, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

All this we do for the love of quilting,

Ron Lundquist

President, 294-7844



December 3rd Tuesday Stitch-in

Evening stitch-in held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

There will be no stitch-in this month because of the holidays.


Retreat Information


Final payments for retreat are due in JANUARY this year.

Thanks,  Shari


Membership 2008

The 2008 membership dues must be paid by the end of January to remain active on the mailing list. The fee is $20.00.

Dues can be mailed to:

        Kim Gros

        12185 Wellington Ave.

        Medway OH 45341

If you want to receive your card by mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please mark your check with “Dues for 2008.”
















Welcome New Members

For your information, there are currently 212 members in our guild and 71 plus 9 guests attended the November meeting. Currently for 2008, 50 members have renewed.

Karen Spencer

288 Narrows Trace

Xenia, OH 45385


Martha Ulmer

7204 Tarryton Road

Dayton, OH 45459





Fons and Porter

        A new or renewed subscription to Fons and Porter magazine is $20 for 1 year. Please make check out to MVQG. Include mailing label for renewals,  if you can.

      Our guild will get $5 for each subscription that we get.

This makes a great gift that will last all year long.

Connie Combs


Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by Sandy Hartz, Treasurer

For the Period October 1 – 31, 2007

BEGINNING BALANCE                                                                             $13,425.00


       Membership                                                       340.00

       Workshop                                                              80.00

       Door Prize                                                             55.44                                   

TOTAL INCOME                                                     $475.44                        $13,900.00   


       Fairborn Senior Center                                     103.50

       Stacy Robinson—Setup Room                           50.00

       Speaker–Vikki Pignatelli Deposit                   200.00

       Speaker–Linda Cantrell                                    113.22

       Speaker–Anita Shackelford Deposit              100.00

       Newsletter Postage                                              41.00

       Newsletter—Otcober                                            70.40

TOTAL EXPENSES                                               $678.12                       

ENDING BALANCE                                                                                    $13,222.00

Earmarked Funds: $2,000.00—The Sally Kerr Scholarship Fund is being held in the main account, but will only be used in accordance with the agreed stipulations set forth by the retreat committee on behalf of the donor.

Proposed Budget for 2008 (Prepared by Susan Hill)


        Quilt Show                                                                                 $4,000.00

        Membership (200 people (at) $20)                                            4,000.00

        Advertising Fees                                                                            250.00

        Door Prize Collection                                                                    250.00

        Special Projects (Auction/Selling quilt frame/Fund Raisers      500.00

          (Fons & Porter/City BBQ)

        Workshops                                                                                  1,500.00

        Total                                                                                        $10,500.00


        Challenge                                                                                          $0

        Community Projects

        (Storage Unit—½ Guild, ½ Quilt Show)                                       405.00/405.00

        Contingency Plan                                                                           500.00

        Hospitality                                                                                            0

        Library                                                                                             500.00

        Membership (Folders, rosters, copies/nametag buttons)         500.00

        Newsletter                                                                                    1,500.00

        Office (post office box, paper, stamps, phone calls, etc.)          500.00

        Programs/Workshops*                                                               4,500.00

        Room Rental ($87.50/meeting plus $16/Executive Board)    1,115.00

        Set-Up/Take-Down                                                                        599.00

        Room Rental for Winter Retreat                                                        0

        Sunshine                                                                                         200.00

        Total                                                                                        *$10724.00

*The Executive Board has voted to carry over all $ the Vice President has not used in 2007 to be used for the purposes of Programs/Workshops. This will be in addition to the proposed budget amount of $3,000.



























2008 Retreat Mystery Quilt

Fabric Requirements:

      Light         ¾ yard

      Medium   1 ¼ yard  (Could be focus/floral fabric)

      Dark         1 yard

Inner Quilt



            Cut (24)-3 ½" squares

            Cut (10)-3 7/8" squares

            Cut (2)- 4 ¼" squares, then cut in half diagonally twice


            Cut (12)- 3 ½" squares

            Cut (4)- 3 7/8" squares, then cut in half diagonally

            Cut (2)- 4 ¼" squares, then cut in half

            diagonally twice


            Cut (9)- 3 ½" squares

            Cut (18)- 3 7/8" squares, then cut in half diagonally

Inner Border



            Cut four strips 1 ½" x 32"

There are options for the outer border/s that will be given after the top is made at retreat. Bring all leftover fabric with you.

Heidi Young



Quilt Shows

     February 8th – March 19th     

     Quilt Show 2008 at Lake Metroparks Farmpark

Show is held at Lake Metroparks Farmpark, 8800 Chardon Rd., Kirtland, Oh 44094. Admission is $6; seniors 60+ $4. Hours: Tuesday thru Sunday,  9 a.m. –
5 p.m. and closed on Mondays (open Presidents’ Day). One of Ohio’s finest quilt shows, with over 200 quilted works in a judged Quilt Show. For more information, call 800-763-7400 or lfp(at)

     June 19th – 21st     

     39th Annual NQG Quilt Show

Show is held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The show will feature exhibits, classes, lectures, an extensive vendor mall and special events. The 400+ competition quilts will be joined by a special theme exhibit of Rose Quilts, selected quilts from Sacred Threads: 2007, a fascinating exhibit of Vintage Kit Quilts from the collection of noted quilt historian Xenia Cord, an exhibit called Contemporary Colorations: The Wow Factor and a sampling of wonderful NQA Chapter Challenge Quilts.

Class information brochures will be available to all current members of NQA in the winter issue of The Quilting Quarterly. Registration information will be posted on their website on or about January 2, 2008. Advance registration is available for all volunteers who worked two shifts during the 38th Annual Show in 2007.


















Sunshine News

If you hear of a member who could use our support, please call Lee Peterson at 439-7298.

            No news is good news! If you hear anyone in need of our support, please give Lee a call.



Quilt pins are available at each meeting from Kim Gros. Each pin is $3, up to 2 pins. After that they are $5 apiece.


Deadline for January 2008 Issue: Monday, December 17

All articles are subject to editing and approval by the editor. Materials received after the published deadline date will be considered for publication only if space and time permit.


MVQG’s 2007 Officers

President                               Ron Lundquist           294-7844

Vice President                      Susan Hill                   426-4740

Treasurer                               Sandy Hartz               429-9031

Recording Secretary            Kathy Bean                433-3343

Corresponding Secretary    Debbie Bertke           884-5078


Quilting stories, ideas, news?

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Chris Garcher

MVQG Newsletter Editor

6258 Gander Road East

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E-mail: DJGarcher(at)



For fees and contracts, please contact:

Ed Chamness

P.O. Box 694

Wilberforce, OH  45384




Susan Oppenheim




Classified Ads

We accept classified ads for $5.00 per issue. Items must be of interest to quilters and collectors, and may be submitted by anyone, including nonmembers.


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