August Meeting

August 8, 2006

7:00 P.M.

Fairborn Senior Center

325 N. Third Street



Visitors Welcome


Demonstrations by QuiltTrends

          The quilt store, QuiltTrends, opened in Columbus in August 2003. The shop has a more contemporary niche with modern fabrics.

            Susan Sandritter (the owner) began quilting 27 years ago. She took a hiatus and began quilting again about seven years ago. Since then, her focus has been machine piecing and quilting, especially using traditional patterns with more contemporary fabrics such as batiks. She loves color, and experimenting with color and value. Usually, she chooses simple patterns that allow the beautiful fabrics to do the work, because she is really a minimalist at heart.

            QuiltTrends demonstrators will introduce the use of Angelina Fiber, glitter, foiling and PaintStiks.

Susan Hill

Vice President



(Directions to QuiltTrends: I-70 east to I-270 north. Take I-71 south one exit. Exit onto Rt 161 and go west (right). You will see a Giant Eagle on your right, and they are behind it. Go to the first light (Bob Evans) turn right onto Busch Blvd. Next light (Wendy’s) turn right onto Shapter Rd. At the stop sign, turn left, and quick right into the parking lot. Their phone number is
(614) 841-7845.)


A Note from the President

            Hot, muggy and uncomfortable July weather is now upon us. My oldest child, Ryan, who is home on two weeks R&R from Iraq, politely informs me that this is nothing compared to his home away from home. We are thrilled to have him home, but not so overjoyed that he must return to finish his tour. So far all has gone well for Ryan, and his entire unit and we will continue to pray for their safe return in November. It will truly be a month for thanksgiving

            Short of actually being at the monthly meeting, this is the guild’s major form of communication. Whether you receive a hard copy or get it off the web, you really need to read the words! Yeah, I know I really like talking, just not to myself. It is a waste of time to even produce if no one reads the messages and advertisements. If you have decided you really hate the internet, then put some money in the door prize box and tell Linda Adams you want a paper copy. A rough estimate on the cost of one newsletter done in paper form is at least $1.00 per month. If you have access to the web, it is much more cost effective to send the news in that format. Be brave. You can’t hit the computer, but a little sweet talk never hurts. Play a little and try to get the news from your computer, but know you can get the real thing if necessary.

            I want to thank Eric Nees for volunteering his time and knowledge to show some of us around the web. Mostly, we were all glad to have his internet connection to track the path of a tornado. In all the time we’ve met at the Senior Center, we have never had to even think about where we go if the need should arise. FYI: out into the main hallway closing the double doors behind us and then we pretend we are back in school. Sit on the floor up against the wall head tucked between our knees, (draw any conclusion you like) packed in like sardines. The main hall has no mechanicals overhead and will help keep us all feeling like idiots together if the alarm passes (hopefully) uneventfully. Linda Adams also informed us that we could use the side hallway between the mechanical room and the library and the men’s room.

            Please do not leave to go home or disregard the warning, because personally I like living and I might feel compelled to drag you kicking and screaming into the proper shelter area. Thanks to the many husbands who called to warn their wives of the possible danger. We would have been blissfully ignorant without those cell phones. Now I know why I decided to leave the phones on this month.

            Thanks to both our men and quite a few non-vacationing ladies and much hard work on Chris Landis’ part, approximately a dozen quilts were tied. Many left to receive their binding. Of course, all of this happened under a dark cloud! Our next joint effort won’t happen at our meeting until next year. Be on the lookout for the next CP stitch-in at Chris Landis’ home at a time and date not yet announced.

            This is a good time to start planning our next Raffle Quilt for the 2008 show. Yes, you heard correctly, the 2008 Quilt show. If you read last month’s letter, you should know that we can’t slow down. We need some talented people to step forward and pick a design and pick up their thimble and needles and start working. We need our quilt for the next Fairborn Heritage Days in June 2007. So next month is the board meeting on August 14th. This is the Monday following our regular Tuesday meeting. If you are on the executive board or chair a committee or want to volunteer for the Quilt Show committee in any capacity, please, please, please come on over. The meeting is at the Senior Center at 6.00 p.m.

            We need a nominating committee in place by the end of our August meeting. Linda Netzel has already volunteered to serve on this committee and fulfills one-half of the necessary people currently serving on the board. Please don’t make me have to appoint the second person. We then need three people nominated by the general membership at the August meeting. If you want to torment people this is a good way! Think of all that power! You can volunteer by calling Linda Netzel and letting her know you want to have some fun. We will just have to vote you in.

            I’ll see you in August for QuiltTrends newest trends.

Lynn Hunger



Upcoming Programs/Workshops

            August: Susan Hill is planning a Postcard Quilt workshop on Wednesday, 23 or 30 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Location to be announced. Sue DeSantis will be leading the way. Call Susan at 426-4740 for exact date.

            September: Shirley Libby, the Landscape Lady. Shirley is from Muncie, Indiana. There will be a workshop on Wednesday, September 13th. Time and place to be announced. Cost is $40.00 plus an $8.00 class kit fee. This is the Wednesday following our monthly meeting.

            October: Maryann Kelmer, the Rug Lady. If you bought a rug frame you get a second chance to learn the technique. She will also be telling us about her unusual take on reusing clothes.

            November: Vendors night. Bring money.

            December: Potluck and Christmas party.



Welcome New Members

Linda Borgert

2989 McKay Rd.

Beavercreek, OH, 45432



Cindy Grassmann

1295 Brainard Woods Dr.

Centerville, OH 45458



Deb Lannen

459 Brett Dr.,

WPAFB, OH 45433



Pat Lundy

2843 La Cresta Dr.

Beavercreek, OH 45431



Denise Unger

1640 Maple Lane

Beavercreek, OH 45432


Christina Watras

1548 N Euclid Ave.

Dayton, OH 45406


Betty Smith (renewal)

1264 Shawnee Run Dr.

Maineville, Oh 45039


Please make the following change to your roster:

Phyllis Helm



Please Note

      The Birthday Fat Quarter drawing and the Monthly Fat Quarter drawing will be discontinued due to the lack of participation. If anyone wishes to start it again in the future please contact the President, Lynn Hunger, to chair this function.

Rose Hoeg



August 3rd Tuesday Stitch-In

Evening stitch-in held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

            The 3rd Tuesday stitch-in will be a potluck stitch-in on August 15. It will start at 6:30 p.m. The stitch-in will be held at the White House at Spring Meade (on SR 25-A across from the Meijer Distribution Center) near Tipp City. Helen Stevenson will be the hostess and she can be reached at 669-1907 for directions and questions.

            Paper products and drinks will be provided. Please bring a favorite dish to share and your stitching. This would be a great time for new members to get to know other members—it's an evening full of eating, laughing and sewing!!


2006 Board Meetings

The board meetings for 2006 are as follows:

August 14thNovember 6th

            The quarterly board meetings will be held at 6 p.m. at the Fairborn Senior Center. All officers and committee chairs are asked to attend and any interested guild members are welcome.



     September 24th

     2nd Annual Autumn Quilt Festival

The festival will be held at Aunt Ruth’s Scrapbasket at the corner of Reading and Creek Rds. in Sharonville. The address is 11096 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241. (Take I-75 to Sharon Rd. exit, go east about 1 mile and you will be in old Sharonville.) The hours are 11a.m. – 5p.m. The contact is Ruth Roy at (513) 733-0006. There will have over 200 quilts on display at Cincinnati's only indoor/outdoor quilt show. Quilt appraisals will be available and various techniques will be demonstrated. The Sharonville Kiwanis arts & craft show will be in the parking lot across the street. The show is sponsored by Aunt Ruth’s Scrapbasket and the shop will be open that day. This is a fun, colorful shop that has batiks and brights, but also some of everything. For more information, contact Cherie Bagadiong at (513) 336-7811.


     November 2nd – 4th

     Ohio Amish Country Quilt Shop Hop

Area quilt shops will be joining together to make this a fabulous 3 day event filled with fabric, fun and prizes. At each shop, you will receive a different, FREE pattern, and be able to purchase a fabric kit for that block. Pick up your free passport at any of the participating quilt shops on November 2, 3 and 4. For more information, email QuiltShopHop(at) Hours are Thursday and Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday,
8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.


A Hearty Thanks to the Helpers

            A very belated but sincere “Thank you” to all our members who helped to make the 2006 quilt show such a success! We saw many beautiful quilts, and heard a lot of positive comments on the show.

            While you’re working on your entry for the 2008 show (and I hope you are), be thinking of suggestions you’d make for changes to the show. We’d really like to get feedback and ideas from everyone before planning begins.

            I’d like to give special thanks to the ladies who came forward and volunteered to take charge of a part of the couldn’t have been done without you: Priscilla Avery, Betty Carano, Sandy Hartz, Phyllis Helm, Chris Landis, Lois McFarland, Lyn Mosher, Carolyn Uecker, Marie Wells, Barbara Whitney and Judy Yahle. I enjoyed working with and getting to know each of you.

Susan Muldowney

Quilt Show Chairperson





2006 Quilt Show Report

Income                                                    Amount

         Admissions                                $6,692.00

         Vendors                                      $3,490.00

         Workshops                                 $1,440.00

         Raffle Quilt                                  $3,125.00

         Boutique                                     $1,981.72

         Quilt Appraisals                               $73.00

         Silent Auction                                $340.00

         Plants                                                $80.00


         Show Expenses                          $3,735.93

           Rent, Insurance, Dolls, U-Haul, Gift

           Plants, misc supplies

         Vendors                                         $492.50

           Tables and chairs

         Workshops                                 $2,222.04

           Airfare, hotel, fees, food

         Raffle Quilt                                     $402.34

           Tickets, postage, materials

         Boutique                                     $1,497.69

           90% to guild member

         Advertising                                     $459.40

         Judging                                          $459.40

           Mileage, fee, food

         Sales Tax                                       $395.31

         Bank Charges                                 $15.79

Bank Balance as of 06/30/06            $8,981.24

Respectfully submitted by Lyn Mosher, (937) 687-3334 during the day, if you have any questions or would like more details.











Sawtooth Star

12" Finished Block

¼" Seam allowance is included.

Bring block(s) to August meeting.


Materials:  Background   Dark Green

                   Star                 Colorful, bold print


    Cut (4) 3 ½" squares from green

    Cut (1) 7 ¼" square, cut diagonally twice from green

    Cut (1) 6 ½" square for center from print

    Cut (4) 3 7/8" squares, cut diagonally from print













Judy Salyers





Officers for 2006

President                   Lynn Hunger          969-8700

Vice President          Susan Hill              426-4740

Rec. Secretary          Debbie Bertke      884-5078

Corres. Secretary     Vicki Vagedes      429-9787

Treasurer                   Carla Shade          312-1201


Deadline for September Issue:

Monday, August  14th




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MVQG Newsletter Editor

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Staci Hogan

1417 Muirfield Ct.

Centerville, OH 45459




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We accept classified ads for $5.00 per issue. Items must be of interest to quilters and collectors, and may be submitted by anyone, including nonmembers.



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