April Meeting

April 11, 2006

7:00 p.m.

Fairborn Senior Center

325 N. Third Street



Visitors Welcome: $5.00 fee for April Lecture

(Guild meetings will be cancelled if Fairborn schools are cancelled because of weather.)


Paula Golden Comes to Lecture, Present Workshop

                Paula Golden was selected as “2001 Teacher of the Year” by the Professional Quilter Magazine. She has taught locally, regionally and nationally, in addition to being on the staff of Jinny Beyer’s Hilton Head Seminar, since 1995. Paula hosted a weekly TV series on quilting for the Park Authority of Prince William County, Virginia.

                Four of her original patterns have been published in The Foundation Piecer and Quilts with Style. Her quilts are also featured in the books Designing Tessellations by Jinny Beyer, Quilts are Forever edited by Kathy Lamancusa, and Quilting with Manhole Covers by Shirley MacGregor.

                Paula will be teaching some of us the secrets/tricks to “Mastering the Mariner’s Compass” on April 12. We look forward to learning all we can from her and bringing our classwork to Show and Tell.

Susan Hill

Vice President



A Note from the President

                Snow! It can’t be true on the first day of spring. I guess that I should be counting my blessings that I live in Clark county and not farther south. In a couple of days it should be gone and then the spring rains will really green things up. Our blue heron is back on the creek, but this year he has a mate. He’s gorgeous, but when either one of them takes off or comes in for a landing it is a bit prehistoric. Their shadows are huge.

                We can all agree that Kay Gentry’s new tool is not prehistoric. Hmmm, $500.00 and some change for tax, several hundred more for the necessary die cuts and of course an addition to house another new gizmo. Which child has to move? Questions, questions, money and more money; maybe someday I will figure it all out. Geez, do I love gadgets! Of course, I like my standard of living and a good marriage. In the meantime, I guess that I’ll just hire the die cutter or do it the old fashioned and time consuming way, but it sure is fun looking.

                I’ve sat here for the last five minutes (making Chris’ hair go gray), with writer’s block. This is absolutely no fun when you’re a day past the deadline and this is usually not a problem. Oh well, it must be the snow. Speaking of gray hair, our quilt show committee is prematurely losing their hair. The sign up board is VERY, VERY empty. Please pick a slot any slot (or two or three) and come help at the show or setup or take down. It really doesn’t count as work when you’re having fun. You get to see the show and be part of it at the same time.

                Rumor has it that some of our members are a little disgruntled about the rise in the admission price to our show. Well, truth be told, nobody likes rising prices, but look around or at your heating bill. Everything is costing us more. Yes, many of you live on a fixed income, so does my family. Every increase hurts and sends us looking for ways to accommodate the hideous inevitability of rate hikes.

                We are not alone as a group in feeling the pinch and raising our gate price. The association that I do 18th century reenactments with has been forced to cut the budget by almost 25% and raised ticket prices for the first time in fifteen years. It was a very difficult decision, but our survival is important to us. The same holds true for the MVQG. If we are to continue to grow, or even just carry on, we must do what needs to be done. So, come help get the show on the road; carpool or walk if you live nearby. This will help cut corners and you can rest assured that most of us will be doing the same thing. We are all in this together. Seriously, if you have ideas we would be glad to have your input. A quilter friend of mine once said, “Two cabbage heads are better than one.”

                Mark your calendars for April 23, and come to Chris Landis’ house in the country for another community project stitch-in. I live pretty far away, but would be glad to pick someone up and share the ride. We had fun working magic on leftovers, so come and join us.

                Membership told me we had five new members join us just last month. Welcome! I look forward to meeting all of you.

Lynn Hunger




Sunshine News

                If you hear of a member who could use our support, please call Lee Peterson at 439-7298.
Members, please bring a funny, uplifting get-well-soon or thinking of you card to the April meeting.

Kathy Beans’ mother, Martha McShane, will turn 90 on April 14. In past retreats, Martha was known as the “queen ripper” in the Barett Room because she would gladly take anyone’s sewing goofs and rip them out. She also is a very talented quilter. If you would like to send her a birthday card, her address is:

Martha McShane

116 Madison Cr.

#139 Morehead House

Indiana, PA 15701



Quilt Show Boutique Reminders

  Make duplicate inventory sheets

  Price tag must be on every item no matter how small and in a basket

  Price tag must have your name, inventory #, and price

  Bedding tags must be basted on the item, not pinned

  Bedding tags need only be on quilts and stuffed toys

  Please sign up to work in the boutique! It’s fun!

  Bring items for sale at 10 a.m., Thursday, the day of show set up

I’ll see you all at the April meeting.

Priscilla Avery

Boutique Chairperson

The Boutique Inventory Form is available on the website.



Quilt Entry Deadline:  April 11, 2006

Entry information and forms available on the website.


Welcome New Members

Pam Fordyce

4212 Central Ave.

Middletown, OH 45044

(513) 649-0157


Barbara Graef

314 Scott Dr.

Englewood, OH 45322



Pat Merlau

2341 New Germany-Trebein Rd.

Beavercreek, OH 45431



Lisa Broberg Quintana

2160 Canterbury Ct.

Troy, OH 45373



Paula Terborg

410 Beechgrove Dr.

Englewood, OH 45322




Please make the following changes to your roster:

Mary Bishop

1241 Colwick Dr.

Dayton, OH 45420



Margaret Shufflebarger

4018 Willow Run Dr.

 Dayton, OH 45430




Don’t Forget the FQBC!

                Members who have a birthday during the month of April can participate in the Fat Quarter Birthday Club drawing at the April meeting. To enter, bring a piece of fabric with your name attached. We will draw one name and that lucky person will win all of the fat quarters.

Fabric Selection

  For the monthly drawing please bring something weather related. Since April is noted for April showers, the fabric may be rain, clouds, sun, etc. in any colors.

  For the birthday drawing, we will go with a song bird theme.


April 3rd Tuesday Stitch-In

(Evening stitch-in held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.)

                The 3rd Tuesday evening stitch-in will be held April 18th at Jan Barhorst’s home. The address is 768 Stonehenge Dr., Tipp City. Her telephone number is 335-8504.

Please call Jan for directions and to let her know you’ll be coming. Enjoy an evening with friends and get some of your quilting and piecing done!



Quilt pins are available at each meeting from Linda Netzel. Each pin is $3, up to 2 pins. After that they are $5 apiece.


2006 Board Meetings

The following board meetings for 2006 are as follows:

                May 8th

                August 14th

                November 6th

The quarterly board meetings will be held at 6 p.m. at the Fairborn Senior Center. All officers and committee chairs are asked to attend and all interested guild members are welcome.


Pointers & Tips for Quilting

Using Basting Sprays:

1.     Basting spray seems to work best with all cotton or mostly cotton batts.

2.     Tape the backing to a large flat surface. There will be overspray, so put some kind of protective covering on the flat surface around the quilt back.

3.     Lay the batting into place over the back, then fold back half the batting and spray both it and the back. Gently, fold the batting over the back and press it into place, pushing it in all directions to smooth. Do not leave any wrinkles in the batting.

4.     Repeat with the other half of the batting.

5.     Lay the quilt top on the batting and repeat with the folding and basting, this time spraying both the batting and quilt. Be sure to smooth the quilt top so there are no wrinkles in it.

6.     Leave the basted quilt in place for awhile to dry.

7.     Lightly spraying both sides of the batting and wrong sides of the quilt top really seems to give a better hold, especially on full size quilts.

Prevent Ruler Slipping:

                To prevent your ruler from slipping while cutting your fabric, squirt hot-glue dots onto the ruler to secure in place (hot-glue dots are easily removed.) Sandpaper dots work the same way. Create your own with sandpaper and a hole punch to keep ruler from slipping when cutting fabric. Plastic cling wrap can also be used to prevent slipping.

Storing Fabric:

                Uses clear plastic boxes that let you see the colors and prints. Organize and sort fabrics by color, so that if you need reds, you can just reach for the right box and go through your red shades.




Stop Fabric Diving:

                Buy a single stitch plate for your sewing machine instead of using a slotted zigzag plate. It will be easier to begin new seams without the fabric sinking into the notch. In a pinch, use transparent tape to create a smaller hole.

Locating the Straight Grain:

                Sometimes it’s difficult to see the position of threads in printed fabric, making it difficult to locate the straight grain to mark or cut patches. To locate the thread grains, flip the fabric over. The print should appear somewhat faded on the fabric’s reverse, making it easier to see the threads.

Selecting Fabrics:

                Are you collecting fabrics for a special quilt and are having trouble finding just what you need? Use a 3" x 5" card and glue the fabrics that you have collected onto the paper. This will fit in your purse, and you can take it with you when you go fabric shopping. With the card is hand, you will be able to match your fabric.






     June 8th – 10th

     37th Annual NQA Quilt Show

Held at the Batelle Hall at Greater Columbus Convention Center. New this year, all activities—classes, events, lectures—will be located in their host hotel, the Hyatt Regency at the Convention Center. The exhibits and vendor mall will be located in Battelle Hall, adjacent to the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. Nearly 400 quilts plus 100 vendors will be available for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Plan to arrive on June 7 and have dinner at the Preview Party, followed by two hours to view the Show and shop the vendors without all the crowds.


Special Note

Maria Elkins is going to be lecturing at the NQA show in Columbus on June 10 at 10:30 a.m. She will be showing all of her quilts and talking about how and why they were made. The lecture fee will be $10. For further information contact Marie at me(at)mariaelkins.com






Deadline for the May issue is Monday, April 17th


Quilting stories, ideas, news?

Send to:

Chris Garcher

MVQG Newsletter Editor

6258 Gander Road East

Dayton OH 45424


E-mail: DJGarcher(at)compuserve.com



Please contact:

Staci Hogan

1417 Muirfield Ct.

Centerville, OH 45459


E-mail: SHogan9211(at)aol.com

for fees and contracts.


Classified Ads

We accept classified ads for $5.00 per issue. Items must be of interest to quilters and collectors, and may be submitted by anyone, including nonmembers.



All articles are subject to editing and approval by the editor. Materials received after the published deadline date will be considered for publication only if space and time permit.


Need to reach us?

Please send all guild correspondence to our post office box address. That way our officers will receive it. Our address is:

    Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild

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