January 12, 2010

7:00 P.M.

Fairborn Senior Center

325 North Third Street

Fairborn, Ohio

Visitors Welcome


Guild Meetings Will Be Cancelled if Fairborn Schools and the Senior Center are Closed.


Community Quilt Night

      For our annual community meeting, we’ll be working on quilt top kits. The fabric from the store-n-lock will be available to create kits.

      Please bring a rotary cutter, mat, ruler, calculator might come in handy, Ziploc bag large enough to contain the kit, pattern/directions, and if you like a “recipe card” to assist you when selecting fabric. A recipe card would list the cut units needed to make the quilt.


(8) 10½" blocks focus fabric

(6) 2½" strips for sashing

(30)     3 7/8" squares light

(30)     3 7/8" squares dark

(7) 3" strips for binding

      FYI—Free patterns are available on line at many fabric manufacturers, i.e.; Moda, Maywood Studios. Checker Distributors and I believe Fons & Porter also have free patterns on line. For those that have EQ6 or another quilt pattern software here’s an opportunity to have some fun with that program and share the patterns with others.

The kits can be any size.

Just a note... the fabric available is mostly smaller cuts of one yard or less.

Some food for thought…we need larger quilts, Double & Queen size.

If a group(s) would like to get together and make a Round Robin quilt you could make a kit for each round.

Please call if you have any questions.

Becky Siva

Community Chairperson



A Note from the President

      Well, another year is gone and what a year it has been. I am so proud of everyone’s work on the Extreme Makeover quilts. When they heard of your accomplishments, Quilters Quarterly (NQA) magazine contacted us for details. They want to publish an article before our quilt show which would also help with publicity.

      I’ve also been also contacted by the Dayton Daily News. I have a friend who runs the cafeteria at Ankeney Middle School. Dawn and I met as military wives in Florida, 26 years ago. We were both from Dayton and have been the best of friends ever since. In August of this year, Dawn was the subject of an article in the Neighbors Section of the Dayton Daily Greene County edition. She was very interested in what our guild was doing with the Extreme Makeover quilts. So, she told Diana (writer from the newspaper) that she should do an article on me and what our guild has accomplished. So, I received an email about 2 weeks ago.

      I have been working on that article. Embarrassingly, she wanted personal information but thankfully she went into the guild and the Extreme Makeover quilts we made for the Terpennings. I really wanted this article to focus on the guild. I’m hoping for three pictures. If all that she asked for is published, there will be the group shot photo, a photo of the quilting in one of the quilts and one of me helping to bind. Diana was so impressed with all that we did in so short a time. I also plugged our quilt show in May. Keep your fingers crossed; I’m hoping for more on the guild than about me.

      Now, Ed has just passed information to me from another quilt magazine. They have contacted me at home. So, we’ll see what happens here. I’m so excited about our guild getting some good publicity.

Take care and let’s have a happy, healthy and productive new year!!

Susan Hill

President, 426-4740


P.S. Our article has been published in the December 17 Dayton Daily News Neighbor Section, Page 2. Yeah!!



Membership 2010

      The 2010 membership dues must be paid by the end of January to remain active on the mailing list. The fee is $20.00.

Dues can be mailed to:

      Kim Gros

      12185 Wellington Ave.

      Medway OH 45341

If you want to receive your card by mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please mark your check with “Dues for 2010.”

Roster Notes

Please make the following changes to your roster:

Kathy Wrinkle


Looking Ahead:

Winter Retreat: February 19–21, 2010

Please Note: The Sally Kerr Scholarship Form for retreat is posted on our website.

MVQG Quilt Show: May 7 and 8, 2010



January 3rd Monday Evening Stitch-In

      The 3rd Monday evening stitch-in will be held at 7 p.m. on January 18th at Sue DeSantis’s home. The address is 102 Phillip Dr., West Milton. Her telephone number is 698-9182.

Please call Sue for directions and to let her know you’ll be coming. Enjoy a summer evening with friends and get some of your quilting and piecing done!


Sunshine News

If you hear of a member who could use our support, please call Diane McLane at 964-4142 or e-mail

      Our thoughts are with Cathy Young who has been ill. If you would like to send her a thinking-of-you card, her address is:

Cathy Young

2869 W. Jackson Rd.

Springfield, OH 45502

      Carol Stollings has been feeling under the weather. If you would like to send her a get-well-soon card, her address is:

Carol Stollings

3062 Brixton Dr., West

Springfield, OH 45503         

      Best wishes go to Lyvonne Jacobs who is recovering from surgery. If you would like to send her a get-well-soon card, her address is:

Lyvonne Jacobs

115 East Home Rd.

Springfield, OH 45504

      Best wishes go to Pat Emanuel who will be having surgery on her shoulder. If you would like to send her a thinking-of-you card, her address is:

Pat Emanuel

1321 Eastview Dr.

Fairborn, OH 45324

Editor’s Note:

Best wishes go to Diane McLane who is recovering from surgery. If you would like to send her a get-well-soon card, her address is:

Diane McLane

7565 Detrick Jordan Pk.

Springfield, OH 45502


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Quilt Show Reminders May 2010

      The holidays are behind us and the show ahead, so it's back to the grindstone for all of us. I hear that the binding is going on the raffle quilt and that means you will soon be seeing tickets with your name on them. The word to remember is sell! It means programs for the guild. Hope you have a list of people and places to sell them.

      I'm sure we all are finishing new quilts to display. My chair holds 5 quilts to bind that were UFO's. How about you. The boutique needs items too. I will be having inventory sheets at the meetings starting in January for those of you that need them. There may be some small items in kit form for making for the boutique. More about this at the next meeting. That's all for this month.

Linda Adams



As I Turn My Focus…

      WOW, it's been an awesome two years! I want to say a big THANK YOU to all those who have helped me. It will be quite strange to just sit in a meeting. 2010 brings us some really wonderful workshops and I hope that we fill them to the brim! Lesa has some great ideas and is ready to have fun in the workshops and find teachers who inspire us to get out of our boxes.

      As I turn my focus from VP to educating people on the longarm, I want to express again what a blessing all of you have been to me.

Shari Brindley


A funny thing happened on the way to the meeting

and other thoughts from the new VP

      Fancy we should be meeting here, you and I. When my high school Spanish teacher heard I had become a teacher her comment was “quiet, doesn’t talk in class Lesa?”….Ok so I got over the quiet, shy thing…and voila’ that is how I ended up VP. So here we are on this crazy journey. I have big shoes to fill and a great big thanks to Shari for setting up a great 2010 for the guild. I am totally jazzed about bringing in some great talent and also highlighting our own talent. If anyone has suggestions of people you would like to see come to guild give me a shout and I’ll see what’s up.       Also, lots of you have been to classes at NQA and other venues. You know who was a great teacher and whose bedside manner left much to be desired. I need that input too. Tell me what you want to see more of and I’m always open to suggestions. My email is lesabame at; my number is 937.848.5844.; I’m on Facebook too.

      On another note. I’ve started accepting monies for the Maria Elkins’ class. Her current classes are Wednesday, February 10, 9 a.m. –noon and Saturday, February 13,
9 a.m. – noon. Currently we have a waiting list going for both..…On that note, Maria has suggested that we open another section on Wednesday, February 10 from
6 p.m. – 9 p.m. or so. Which frankly would be great for those of us who work and are busy on Saturdays.

      Now the only way I can see doing that is if we have at least 12 people sign up for it so that it covers the cost of the class. The cost is $25 + $5 class fee. If I can get emails from enough new people saying they are interested or current people saying they’d like to switch by January 4, then I can open that slot up too. Otherwise we’ll have to stick with what we’ve got.

      ** All monies for Maria’s class need to be in by January 19 so that unfilled slots can be opened up to outside guilds. Maria’s work is really cool; check it out at

Happy quilting!

Lesa Bame

Vice President


Sulphur Grove Ad[1]


2010 Calendar of Events

Tues  01/12       Community Quilts

Tues  02/09       Maria Elkins lecture

Wed  02/10       Maria Making Faces Workshop(s)

Sat     02/13       Maria Making Faces Workshop

                            $25.00/student plus $5.00 kit fee

Tues  03/09       Library Program

             Nancy Prince Workshops/Lectures

Sun    04/11       Seasons In My Garden

Mon   04/12       Thread Painting 1,2,3

Tue    04/13       Simple Flowers/Alpine Rose

                            $45.00/each class plus appropriate kit fees

Tue    04/13       Nancy PrinceLecture

Tues  05/11       MVQG Quilt Show

Tues  06/08       G. and V. Siciliano Lecture

Wed  06/09       G. and V. Siciliano Workshop

                            Cost/Kit Fee to be determined

Tues  07/13       Programs’ Fundraiser

Tues  08/10       Demo Night

Tues  09/14       Purposeful Roots; Bylaws Sec. 2

Tues  10/12       Our own Award Winners

Tues  11/09       Shari Brindley/Kim Gros

Sat     11/13       Cross-stitch to Quilt Workshop

                            $15.00 plus supplies if needed

Tues  12/14       Christmas Potluck





Deadline for the February 2010 Issue: Monday, January 18

All articles are subject to editing and approval by the editor. Materials received after the deadline date will be considered for publication only if space and time permit.



MVQG 2010 Officers

President                                 Susan Hill                    9374264740    rk_hill(at)

Vice President                         Lesa Bame                 9378485844

Treasurer                                Mary C. Miller              9378901010    marysews(at)

Corresponding Secretary       Barb Hartings              9374349769  

Recording Secretary               Ed Chamness             9373725821    mrandmrsquilter(at)


2010 Board Meetings

February 3
May 5
August 4
November 3

6:00 p.m. at Beavercreek Library, 3618 Dayton-Xenia Road, Beavercreek.

No Food or Drinks

The Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild Board includes: The elected officers President, Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer plus the chairs of the standing committees, the immediate past president of the guild, and the founder of the guild, Suellen Wassem. All officers and committee chairs are expected to attend the Board meetings which are held quarterly as announced.  All Guild members are invited to attend.

            Minutes of Board meetings are posted in the News section of the website.


Quilting stories, ideas, news?

Send to:

Chris Garcher

MVQG Newsletter Editor

6258 Gander Road East

Dayton OH 45424

E-mail: DJGarcher(at)



For fees and contracts, please contact:

Ed Chamness

P.O. Box 694

Wilberforce, OH  45384

Phone:  9373725821  

E-mail:  mvqgoh(at)


Need to reach us?

Please send all guild correspondence to our post office box address. That way our officers will receive it. Our address is:

    Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild

    P.O. Box 340141

    Beavercreek, OH 45434

E-mail: mvqgoh(at)     



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Happy New Year!

If Life Gives You Scraps, Make a Quilt!